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We assist children who are distractible, impulsive, disorganized, or academically challenged by providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Treatment options include individual counseling/psychotherapy, referral for medication, parenting support/education, IEP advocacy, social skills training, hypnosis and biofeedback.

Learning Disabilities

Children having difficulty in school are provided detailed recommendations to achieve their potential. Services include remediation, compensatory training, tutorial assistance, and consultation with school personnel. Services provided include provisions to remediate or compensate for weakness, tutorial assistance, and consultation with school personnel.


Sadness, irritability or acting out in a defiant manner can be a serious problem for children and teens. Depression may result in academic failure, social isolation or noncompliant behavior. Counseling/therapy with the child or teen is often successful, and will be determined by the individual needs of each child.


Anxiety can appear in a child or teen as frequent nervousness, distraction, irritability, or engaging in repetitive tic-like behaviors. Anxiety can interfere with a child’s academic and social life. Anxiety can often be controlled by teaching adaptive skills, relaxation, or biofeedback. Psychotherapy may also be recommended.

Discipline/Acting Out

Oppositional or defiant behavior may occur for various reasons. Often a personally designed behavioral plan reinforcing positive behavior is all that is needed. Occasionally individual psychotherapy is recommended.

Autism/Asperger's Disorder

Children with difficulty communicating or interacting with others, adapting to new situations, or who are preoccupied by singular activities (such as video games) may require individual training/therapy, social skills group therapy, parent education or school advocacy.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Head trauma can lead to many physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems. These problems may include concentration difficulties, decreased motivation, language difficulties, depression, anxiety, and aggressive behavior. Following a comprehensive evaluation, treatment recommendations will be offered (e.g. neurocognitive training, individual/group/family therapy, behavioral modification, school consultation/advocacy, etc.)

Social Skills Training

Using observational learning, reinforcement, and rehearsal in a group setting, we offer groups for children and teens. In group, children and teens can learn, practice, and refine social skills while sharing problems encountered at school, home, and in their daily activities.
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Acquired Brain Injury
Whether from an external injury (motor vehicle accident, fall, sports injury, etc), or an internal event (cerebral vascular accident), a comprehensive evaluation can aid in diagnosing and treating the problem. Neurobehavioral Consultants can provide treatment for individuals suffering with memory impairment, problem solving difficulty, memory, pain, and emotional/behavioral functioning. In addition to assessment, neurorehabilitation and therapy (individual, group and family) are offered when indicated. Forensic consultation is also available.
Neurologists often request our services to assist in the diagnosis of memory problems associated with dementia. The ability to drive, work and make appropriate medicolegal decisions can be answered through the evaluation. Treatment includes neurorehabilitation and supportive psychotherapy (individual and family".
Depression and Anxiety
Prolonged feelings of sadness or worry that interfere with social, academic, family, or occupational functioning warrant professional attention. Whether from physical trauma, such as accident or illness, or life stressor such as divorce, death, or financial change, affective problems are significant. Depression and anxiety can contribute to sleep, appetite, and sexual changes. Related problems can include social anxiety, social avoidance/anxiety, panic attacks, and general anxiety. We offer personal coaching, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, skill development, and biofeedback.
Neurological Disorders
Our professionals offer evaluation and treatment of diseases that affect the brain, nerves, and muscles. These disorders include Epilepsy, Seizure Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis and Strokes. We help the individual regain self-esteem and transition back to previous activities.
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